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The training course is tailored to provide considerable insight into the study of EU lobbying and to offer a methodical understanding of the interface between EU institutions and lobbyists. After an introduction of the relations between the EU institutions and lobbies, the programme will focus on an in-depth study of which skills and strategies lobbyists must adopt to increase their influence over the EU policy-making process. Indeed, the course is designed to develop professional techniques to engage and lobby EU institutions, as well as to give the methodology and tools required to devise strategies for successful lobbying campaigns.

The programme of the course is divided in three modules:

MODULE 1 – Understanding lobby and interactions with European Institution

This introduction talks about the concept of lobby and, in particular, shows the close relations in the Brussels systems between the lobbies and the EU Institutions. Indeed, after an overview about the main actors of the EU lobby system, this section explains the specific role of the lobbies in European legislation cycle. The main types of lobby activities with an effective lobbying campaign and the accreditation procedures at the European institutions are illustrated through examples by an expert.

  • Introduction to lobby: the actors of the EU lobby system
  • Different types of lobby activities: legal entities of lobbies in Brussels
  • Relations between the European Institutions and the lobbies
  • Accreditation of lobbyists at the European Institutions
  • Main documents and procedures: lobby activities at the European Parliament


MODULE 2 – Communication and negotiation skills: elements of a lobby strategy

Through practical exercises, participants develop their skills for an effective lobby activity. A particular emphasis is given on the networking, both among lobbies and with the EU institutions.  The communication skills are also developed thank to some simulations with a media expert. Finally, this session aims to create a lobby strategy, analyzing the context and the stakeholders, defining the objectives and methodologies and setting the actions to be taken.

  • Influencing tools (lobby – media – campaign – networking)
  • Developing negotiation skills for an effective lobby activity
  • Developing communication skills - Practical exercise
  • Analysis of the problem, the context stakeholders and power relations: lobby goals and audiences
  • Methodologies, actions and resources – Practical exercise


MODULE 3 – Meeting with experts

Examples of lobby activities in Brussels: NGOs, regional representation, private companies, lobby experts. For this edition a specific lesson will focus on policy inflencing for NGOs.