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Eu lobbying - skills and strategies

Lobbying is a complex process which aims to influence policy-makers in their decisions. At the European level, Brussels is the lobbying capital where more than 5.000 groups represent European, national and regional interests in the fields of economy, human rights, justice, environment and so on. Indeed, the EU legislation is the outcome of a dynamic interaction and dialogue between Institutions and lobby organizations.

The course on “EU Lobbying: skills and strategies” - organized by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels - provides theoretical and practical training to build and strengthen lobbyists’ professional background.

The course is suited for professionals within the public, private and non-profit sector, who wish to set up an effective lobby or advocacy strategy and want to improve their communication, negotiation and networking skills.

During the course the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce will award two participants with a scholarship for a three-month internship experience in a lobbying company in Brussels. For more information, click here.


Registration open!